10 Best Hikes in the Black Hills

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Picking the best Black Hills hikes is hard, really hard. Because the landscape of the Black Hills offers different regions, the trails are quite different—you may find yourself walking through grasslands, crossing creeks, traversing pine forests, or scrambling over boulders. All of the trails offer jaw-dropping views and interesting features, and many have historic significance.

While there are a whopping 450 miles of trails in the Black Hills to explore, here are 10 not-to-be-missed routes to at least get you started.

1. Sunday Gulch Trail

The Sunday Gulch Trail is a 4-mile loop that begins behind the famed outlets near Sylvan Lake. At the beginning, you will traverse over large boulders down a valley. Large spires of granite frame views all the way to the northern Black Hills. Don’t let the handrails and stairs fool you into thinking this trail is easy. It would be challenging to get down the valley without them.

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