12 Stunning Sedona Hikes with Spectacular Views

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4. Airport Mesa

Difficulty: Moderate (not too much elevation change, but feels long with the summer heat)
Distance: 3.5 mile loop (Note you may have to park in the overflow lot and complete a short side trail to get to the main trail, adding an extra 1.2 miles to your total).
Location: Airport Rd Sedona, AZ 86340

Airport Mesa is one of 4 Sedona hiking trails considered to be a vortex site. Those of you who have visited Sedona likely already know the meaning of a vortex. And, if you have never visited Sedona before, you will likely know what a vortex site is before you leave. Pick up any visitor’s brochure, browse through a local paper, or stop in one of the specialty stores around town, and you are bound to come across the term at some point. A vortex is basically believed to be an area of intense concentrated energy rising from the earth supposed to provide healing & energy balancing to whomever comes across it. These sites have become very popular in recent years as more and more visitors report a sense of healing & inner peace when coming in contact with these powerful natural energy sources. The New Age community continue to grow, and those seeking spiritual healing continue to make Sedona a spiritual vacation destination.

Airport Mesa is thought to be a masculine vortex (vortexes are either masculine or feminine), which means that you may feel energized or motivated when you complete this hike. Feminine vortexes (like Cathedral Rock) are said to be great for those seeking relaxation. Asides from the purported vortex energy benefits, Airport Mesa happens to be one of the most stunning hikes scenery wise. It also happens to be one of the top spots in town for taking in a magnificent Sedona sunset. This hike is not one for scaredy cats as there are some really steep narrow sections in the beginning, so be forewarned. Recently saw a few people mountain biking and not quite sure how they survived!  This trail is really inspiring with 360 degree views of almost all Sedona’s red rock formations in one location. I also really love all the gorgeous flowering prickly pear cacti lining the trail.

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